How to Drink Water Good for Children in Cold Season?

How to Drink Water Good for Children in Cold Season
Adequate water supply for the child’s body in the hot season is inevitable. But in the cold season, especially in the cold season in the North of our country, many mothers often do not notice.

Children should not be restricted from drinking water

Until now, many mothers have thought that . In the hot season, babies often sweat a lot. So they need to add more water, water only helps balance the regulation of the child’s body temperature. Hot season – reduces the heat in your baby’s body. It helps create perspiration, release heat and cool the skin in hot weather. Therefore, when it is cold in winter, many mothers have applied measures to limit drinking water for their children. Because they are afraid they will get cold. There are even many mothers who think that it is not necessary to give their children water in winter because they do not sweat.

That view is really wrong. Because of the fact, even when it is cold. Children still need to drink enough water and the amount of water can only decrease compared to when it is hot. Only then can the child’s body ensure the good completion of physiological functions.

Insufficient water for a child for a long time

Insufficient water for a child for a long time will create a habit of being lazy to drink water in the child, which is not good for the child’s health. If your child has a habit of very little drinking water, the amount of blood circulating to the kidney is not enough. Causing severe urination or not urinating, thereby damaging the kidney function.

In fact, if water is not provided enough for the child, it will lead to unfortunate disorders in the child’s body. Especially when the water is not supplied enough, the baby’s body will be at risk of constipation.

Do not let children drink water that is too hot because of the cold weather. Especially for children, the child’s stomach has not yet developed fully as an adult. When the child drinks water that is too cold or too hot. It is not good for the child’s ability to adapt. Too cold water will cause intestinal spasm, making the child have abdominal pain. To ensure the health of the baby, mothers should give children warm water. In addition, mothers should also diversify drinks for children such as mineral water. Juices from fresh fruits to create love for children when drinking water and help children maintain enough water. .

Proper vitamin supplement for children

Even for the adult’s body, it is essential to avoid vitamin deficiency by supplementing vitamins through eating and drinking. Many mothers believe that just feeding the baby properly will not be afraid of vitamin deficiency and do not need to supplement vitamins for children. However, in reality, the baby’s body cannot synthesize vitamins.

Also regardless of the case due to the preservation and processing of food, some vitamins in the food have been lost, or the baby’s body is poorly absorbed … Therefore, for the baby, eating or drinking is not enough. Can confirm with certainty that adequate supply of vitamins for the child is provided. So no matter how well you eat, it is unavoidable that the lack of vitamins in the child’s body.

Supplement vitamins for children

In the cold winter weather in the North, in addition to being afraid to drink water, children may also be afraid to eat vegetables. That leads to the child’s lack of vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for tissue repair in the body and participates in many metabolic sensitivities in the body. Moreover, vitamin C plays an important role in immune function, helping the child’s body increase its resistance against disease, infection …

So mothers should supplement vitamins for children, especially vitamins. Mothers can buy vitamin C in the form of tablets, effervescent when mixed with beautiful water to stimulate children. There are also many types of vitamin C tablets that can be eaten right away. But mothers should buy vitamins that can be returned to the water to become liquid pills, so the child’s body can both be supplemented with vitamins. Add the necessary amount of water for the child.

For babies who are still breastfeeding, the mother must monitor the baby’s stool and the number of bowel movements to change her diet, eat a lot of laxative vegetables, and importantly, the mother must also be Provide adequate green vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water and have good nutrition.