Toddlers are always filled with excitement combined with an eagerness to become young adults. Most new moms would have noticed that your younger daughter wants to become your mom. She might want to help you out with your dishes or extend a helping hand in the kitchen. Similarly, your younger son might want to help you with your new recipes every day.

They share a lot of interest and always want to keep themselves engaged. Now it is time for them to extend their area of interest in your kitchen too…. then why stop them? Worried about their safety with the high kitchen slabs and tables? In this article, we suggest you get the best help with the best toddler kitchen stools available for your toddlers.

What is this toddler tower?

The toddler tower is a safe kitchen stool for your toddler that allows them to explore the world of excitement and learning. It gets support by a railing at the top to ensure the safety of the toddler. It also allows him/her independently to climb the tower, and they may even sit down with their toys.

The rails are safe enough that prevents the child from falling off. This best toddler kitchen stool allows your child to watch, learn, and explore the kitchen activities. Be it helping you with their little hands or even just being with you watching your recipes in the kitchen, this is the best learning tower for toddlers.

Are Toddlers Towers Safe

How does a learning tower help my kid?

The best toddler kitchen stool ensures the child learns independently and develops his confidence and supports his skills. It helps him in skill development. Toddlers engage in a lot of play way learning in their day-to-day lives. The actual world offers them a lot of new chances to learn and explore practically.

We may give them the best experience of this best toddler kitchen stool to give it all a start. Your child could be an expert young cook, a master in dishwashing, or could help you in your daily routine.  Parenting a toddler will involve engaging the kid in their regular day-to-day chores. Thus the best toddler kitchen stool will help your child a lot in offering space for these practical learning.

How to choose a kitchen stool?

A learning tower or a kitchen stool allows the independent learning space for the active toddler. It would be the best investment for a lifetime, as it is certain to keep your toddlers highly active for years. It gives space for their creative wings while equally ensuring their safety.

Investing in a learning tower for your toddler adds up to develop a connection with the parent. The space created for the toddler to be with the parent increases. Also, the child would be active in taking part in the activities of the kitchen. Think about the benefits of the child staying next to you by just sitting on a safer platform observing what is going on at the counter. They are right there at your reach, and it would be an asset to keep them engaged without compromising their safety.

Considering safety and comfort, the best toddler kitchen stool for a toddler is an asset as it engages the preschooler to engage in sensory play activities and curious simple science activities too. They could also use it for performing puppet shows in later years.

Are Toddlers Towers Safe

Looking for the best toddler kitchen stool?

The busiest learning phase of a child is the toddler or the preschool age. It involves endless learning experiences and curiosities. Before investing in the best toddler kitchen stool, look for certain parameters as it is going to be an asset and a long-term investment for sure.

Since it is going to be a kitchen space, we need to look for a compatible tower for the kid and the parent. If your kitchen space is challenging, then probably you must look for a compressible and customizable tower.

Many kitchen stools available in the market are not foldable and occupy a little extra space. For the safety of the toddler, we don’t compare the price. Hence, depending on the price, the service of the learning tower enhances.

Look for a kitchen stool that can be foldable. Many new products involve adjustable and convertible models. A learning tower may even get converted into a chair and a table, or even a playstation.

Properties of a learning tower

An average learning tower must be capable enough to withstand the weight of the preschooler. It has to be capable of withstand the basic substantial weight of the toddler. We ensure that it protects the base of the kitchen stool with a rubber bush as it is a kitchen. Even the parents may hurt their legs while moving around the kitchen.

A foldable learning tower will be more suitable as it is going to be a constraint for space after usages. But remember that your kid need not be alone. The best toddler kitchen stool must be able to accommodate two toddlers at the same time. Many such products are available to encourage group and peer learning possible.

Montessori learning towers are mostly dual-purposed to meet the needs of space constraints. When you opt for convertible or customizable towers, ensure that the bolts, screws, edges, and rails are properly installed. Never compromise on the safety of the active toddler. Most learning towers come with safer rails to make sure that the toddler doesn’t fall off the tower.

Are Toddlers Towers Safe

What would be the right age for climbing the tower?

Once the child is capable of walking on their own and able to climb their basic slides in the play area, the child can easily climb the learning tower. The major idea of this learning tower is to allow the toddler independently involved in various day-to-day activities, ensuring the regular dose of fun-filled, curious learning sessions. So, we will consider the average age of 18 months and above as the right age for your toddler to use the learning tower. offers the best suggestion in identifying the best toddler kitchen stool or learning tower for a preschooler. With all the basic suggestions in this article, it would be easy to decide on the best toddler kitchen stool for your toddler. Let’s make the curious learning process interesting and safe for our kids.