We are Judy and Joy, identical twins with a passion for food, cooking and anything to do with the kitchen! In our family, the kitchen is the heart and soul of our home. Growing up in an Italian household, our family time was centered around the dinner table. It became the best part of the day, when we all came together, to each share a story from the day’s events.

Both sides of the family owned their own grocery stores also. All of the men were butchers and the women ran the front of the store. We always had the best cuts of meat and the freshest produce available.

As our children grew we decided to do something fun and entered a Food Network Contest called “Dear Food Network” with Bobby Flay and won! We were asked to do a holiday segment with Celebrity Chef Danny Boome. We knew instantly that this is what we needed to be doing, sharing our love of food and family with the world! And our journey began….

Even though we look alike, we have completely opposite approaches to cooking and just about everything else in life! Joy will give you the TRADITIONAL way to prepare a recipe and Judy will give you a quick and easy or healthy TWIST on the same recipe! It’s your choice. Sometimes you want to sit and simmer and sometimes you don’t.